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In the past ten years, with the decline in the price of solar cells and the increase in the number of charging and discharging of storage batteries, the off-grid solar industry has developed aggressively. However, while bringing electricity and light to off-grid countries, many inferior products are also mixed in, which brings word of mouth collapse to the entire industry and also causes secondary pollution to the environment-a large number of batteries containing toxic heavy metals Become a difficult problem for future governance.

Prolonging the service life of products and using more environmentally friendly batteries are a way we think of reducing E-waste. This method is actually a win-win for users and the environment, and it is also a win-win for distributors, because good product life can improve their reputation and the user's loyalty to the brand can even affect the perception of the brand for generations in a family. Therefore, when designing our products, we decided to use the currently more environmentally friendly and safe LFP batteries as our first choice.

 When people talked about LFP batteries in the past, the first reaction was that they were expensive, so they stopped further thinking and exploration, and we have been trying to optimize our supply chain to make the battery cost-effective. On the other hand, we are also exploring the business model of Pay As You Go, because through our investigation, we found that in fact, people can effectively mobilize their funds through installment, and avoid the high down payment cost becoming the huge obstacles in between the sales of users and merchants. We believe that the popularity of Pay As You Go business model will greatly facilitate users to use higher quality and advanced products to meet their growing needs. They not only need light, but also education, health care and productivity. We expect that our product line can also be extended to these areas in the future, to truly improve their sustainable lives, provide their productivity and reduce the viciousness of poverty cycle.